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      Good morning, Dear respected professors from University of Nebraska, Dear Respected president and professors from the university, Dear all students:

      Last year in this month, I had a speech in the 3+1 Program opening ceremony, so this is the second time for me to have a speech, I feel very glad and happy. As one of professors from the college, I would like to be on behalf of all faculties to take this opportunity to say welcome to professors from university of Nebraska, to say welcome and congratulations to new students.

      International class students are admitted because you are very excellent in your academic study in the past. Now, you are turning a new page. Past excellence has little relationship with the future, just as the Chinese saying goes, A hero is always silent about his past glories, and study in university is a new beginning.

      You are here for several days, you may have some knowledge about our university. Northwest A&F University is a famous, prestigious and well-known university in China and even in the world, do you think what’s the reasons to make this university so special and so famous, there is no other reasons, the only answer is the hard work by all faculties and students through generation to generation, you will get the feel.

      Returning to you, what you should do during your study in the university? I think you should bear in mind that Opportunities always favor those who are well prepared, and success is based on your hard work and efforts.

      Therefore, at the beginning of your college life, I would like to take the liberty of giving all of you some suggestions in order to make way for your better future.


      Suggestion 1: Be a responsible man

      When you are admitted as undergraduates of the international class, you are already adults, adults mean responsible, you should think the way of how I will be a responsible, useful and learned man, how can I be beneficial to social, country or family, doing good things for our society, our country or your family. A responsible man is a man who loves our country, our people and our society, be patriotic, be optimistic, study hard, learn as much knowledge as possible, try their best to make contributions to social and economic development, do good things not bad things in their whole life.

      Suggestion 2: Be an ambitious man

      As everyone knows, great progress has been made in science, technology and economy, competition in all aspects is becoming stronger and more fierce. It goes well with the famous saying of the survival of the fittest, you may understand the real meaning in natural process and screening. You should ask yourself? Do I have ability and confidence in the future, and where does my ability and confidence come from, you are supposed to have an ambitious goal about your future at the beginning of your college study and life. When you have an ambitious objective, you will find you have a lot of curiosity about the nature and energy and strength to study hard and prepare what is needed for your future, your confidence and your competence.

      Only you have an ambitious goal, will you fight against time and clock to learn whatever you can to improve yourself and prepare for your future.

      Suggestion 3: Be a hard working and knowledgeable man

      Our society is a knowledge explosion and technology and information based society, there are a lot of things for you to learn, you will never have time to relax. You all know, knowledge is power, where does knowledge come from? The only way is by learning from different aspects. Just as Chinese saying goes, learning is endless in one’s life. You are students of food science, you have a number of class courses to learn, you need to learn mathematics, chemistry, biology and so on, all these are very basic science knowledge. Some of you may know the great breakthrough in gene editing, this is based on complete understanding of mysterious cells, the compelling story of how a mysterious cell defense system became one of the most powerful and versatile platforms for engineering biology highlights the importance of basic science knowledge. During your study, learning from others is also very useful, it is hard to fill a cup which is already full.

      I tell you this story, just want to remind you the importance of basic knowledge.

      In addition to learning basic knowledge, you need to improve your English, you need to study some American history, American culture before you are going to USA. Do you have time to relax? No is the only answer. You need to pick your time. At the same time, it is better for you to learn the best way of learning. Just as the Chinese saying goes, learning to fish is always more important and useful than just receiving fish, this is true. You are supposed to know and understand the real meaning that the great use of education is not so much to teach you things as to teach you the art of learning.

      Believe me, I will not deceive you, when you are steeped yourself in your study, you will find it is very amazing, not boring.

      Suggestion 4: Be a creative man

      Creation and innovation is the basic element and power for progress in every aspect, including social and economic development, improvement of people’s living standard. What is creation or innovation? It is a very complex and difficulty question, but what I want to say about creation or innovation is the difference between what it is now and what you are thinking, please never be blocked by teacher’s and textbook’s instructions, think them out of the box. In the following time you begin your study, always ask yourself more why it is than what it is. Only in this way, will you make some improvements, some alterations, some modifications about what has been commonly accepted, this is one kind of creation.

      But I will remind you that creation is always based on complete understanding of the present knowledge. Complete understanding of the present knowledge needs you to read large volumes of books, papers, publications in the related field to know what has been done and what happed in the past? What achievement has been made and what problem still exists? What mechanism or aspects is still yet to be confirmed. What you can do is to improve, to change sth from what is already good to better, to best, that is your contribution to creation or innovation.

      As is known, the society, the whole world is more competitive and creative than it was 10 or 20 years ago, all students, Are you ready for creation in your following study?

      As you may know, most of the international students of last two years have been in USA now, they all perform wonderful and make progress day by day. Just like them, three years later, you will be going to USA for your further study, I believe and wish everyone will make great and fantastic progress and achievement in your career in the future. And you will become a great man in food related area and make splendid and great contribution. But I just want to say a few more words to you, I wish and I am sure all of you will be the persons who help Chinese and Americans to know more each other, to understand each other and to help each other. A good relationship, friendship, cooperation between China and USA will not only benefit both Chinese and Americans, but also promote the world’s development.

      How time flies. It is time to end my speech. Students, all of you should never forget that you are Chinese when you were born, whether which nationalities you are, where you are going to be in the future, what style of life you will lead and enjoy, you will always bleed the same red blood of the Chinese patriots as we are.


      Students, life is just like a box of chocolate and wait for you to pick. You have a long way to go.

      Thank you.



    作者:食品学院  樊明涛教授




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