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      Respected faculty and dear students

      Good morning

      I am Liu Chang from class 1702. Today, I am so flattered to stand here on the stage on behalf of all junior students to deliver the speech to the freshmen.

      First of all, please allow me to extend my sincere welcome to the class who have finally been admitted to NWAFU(Northwest Agriculture&Forestry University). Your arrival has brought new vitality and infuse new vigor to the whole college and “3+1” program.

      In addition to further accumulation of knowledge, the meaning of a university also emphasizes on  having the students face their life alone, conquer the difficulties by themselves, and become  competent solitarily. Back in 2017, the first time I stepped into this sprawling campus, a kind of complex feeling hit me suddenly. It is confusion with curiosity, fear with excitement. Just like all fellows sitting in the audience, there was a time that I could not find the way to the food college correctly, a time that I put off the assignments until the last minute of the deadline. I once was overwhelmed by frustration due to the failure I experienced, definitely, Crying because of missing parents has also become a part of my normal life. However, life is a piece of music not only with disappointment or sorrow, but also with the passionate sections as long as we allocate our powers to hard work and dedication. I still cannot forget the joy in the air when the poster exhibition was successfully held in my class, nor can I forget the ecstasy when all my roommates passed the IELTS test. These vivid memories and colorful moments are like vintage wine, which would become more sweet as well as fragrant with time going by.

      Looking at your innocent faces, I couldn't help imagining what a wonderful life you would have in the university. You will show your extraordinary ability in the student union and get satisfaction and maturity after planning large-scale events. Additionally, you will embrace the joy of learning when doing self-study in the library or in Building 8; In the laboratory, during the process of  instruments operation and data recording, the truth of seriousness and rigorous would finally be understood .You will also establish your own life path by listening to the prominent experts sharing their experiences in the conferences. Nevertheless, my dear friends, when you enjoy the broad stage the school offered us, please do not forget, the reason why we have such good resources to fully release ourselves and pursue our dreams, why we can receive guidance from two different education systems during our undergraduate study, is that we rely on NWAFU, we rely on UNL and the 3+1 program.

      Besides the inheritance of honesty and bravery, we also have the chance to experience Dedicated to letters and all the arts. In the class, despite Chinese teachers’ devotion, the capacity of division of labor would also be enhanced under the American methods such as presentations and group work. During the four years in the international class, the high-quality resources of the two schools can be utilized, the high scientific research experimental platform is accessible , international horizon can be broaden; and the education for comprehensive quality can be received .When you drink water from a well, don't forget the well digger. After you have made your own space, please remember that the international class, the “3+1” program is where the dream begins.

      One cannot put back the clock, Class of 2024, you are about to start a new journey. Instead of keeping your head hung, please bend all the sinews to the direction you have chosen. One more mountain is waiting for you to conquer, and one more fantastic adventure is waiting for you to experience. Please consider deeply of how to approach your time in the next four years.I hope that when recalling your college days ,there is no regrets.

      thank you












      除了“诚朴勇毅”精神的传承,我们还可以领会到Dedicated to letters and all the arts的内涵;在课堂上能够拥有中方老师的教书育人,诲人不倦,也能在一次次presentation与小组作业的美式方法中培养合作,分工的能力。能够领略到西农四季之美,也能在第四年感受到异国的热情与魅力。在国际班的四年,是能够享受两校优质资源的四年,是能够接触到高科研实验平台的四年,是能够拓宽国际化视野的四年,是能够接受到综合素质人才培养www.997755.com的四年。





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